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5 golden Rules To Use Images For Web Design

Published on 14 Sep 2020 / In Other

⁣Demand for websites and its standards keeps rising and so is its expectations. We are habituated to search for quick information on the web, be it, socializing, entertainment, information, etc. So, the media plays an important role in any website design. Media could be in the form of audio, video, images, etc. Using these on the website could increase the user experience. According to the top-rated drupal development company in Delhi, you should ensure that the media included in the website matches the target audience. Also, the media should match the device of the audience. Sometime, playing a video on a website might not be possible if a user browses the website on their mobile due to poor connectivity. So would be the case with an audio file. Images for web design increases the user experience. Hence, images, when placed, should be placed properly to get the users to catch in it. Every care must be taken to optimize the images on the website for its effective use.

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