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*The Lords of the flame/*Mantis poeple/*Reptilian Chitauri 3 busman tales from the dark continent

Deen Doughouz
Published on 04 Oct 2017 / In People & Blogs

*“The LORDS of the FLAME”-The Third Root Race --- The first attempt at producing human life resulted in jellylike creatures, but in time the Lemurian bodies hardened and they were able to stand up --- these were gigantic, brainless, ape-like creatures. These beings were far from beautiful --- between 12 and 15 feet tall, they had flat faces apart from a protruding muzzle and had no foreheads. Their skin was brown with eyes set so wide apart they could see sideways as well as forward.

*The "Reptilian Race" in Prehistoric Afrika.-Far back in the mists of time, in an era before history began, a "Guest Star" suddenly appeared in our sky. This was no ordinary Star for it brought with it a group of 'Beings' who would change our 'Planet Earth' for eons to come -- this was the arrival of the "Reptilian Race" in Ancient Afrika.

*The ‘Mantis People’ – a race of strange ‘Beings’ who walked the Earth in a time before history began – or an ‘Alien Race’ sent here as “Teachers?”

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