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Famous Cellist Dale Henderson

Dale Henderson
Published on 05 Sep 2019 / In Music

"Classical music belongs to every living human being on the planet!"

Starting cello at age five and debuting professionally at 13, Dale Henderson trained with the best of the best in the classical music world, including Yo-Yo Ma, Sir Yehudi Menuhin, and Leonard Bernstein protégé Eiji Oue. Dale excelled as a traditional performer but chafed against a culture that prevents everyday people from connecting with classical music.

Rebelling against the traditional boundaries for his artform, in 2010 Henderson broke down and reinvented where and how classical music creates meaning, performing “Bach in the Subways” in New York City. His unorthodox vision caught on, and within five years he grew his solo project into a global music movement which now brings the music to the people in hundreds of cities in dozens of countries.

Dale is based in New York City and performs around the world.

DISCOVER MORE AT https://dalehendersonmusic.com

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