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What People Find Unattractive In Different Parts Of The World

Deen Doughouz
Published on 12 Oct 2017 / In People & Blogs

A look at different beauty standards in different countries
Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 --------....-------------------- on where you live, the standard of beauty can be completely different from other areas of the world. Each culture and region has their own list of beauty traits that they consider attractive and another list of things that they can’t stand. From eyebrows to smooth skin, we’re going to show you what people find unattractive in different parts of the world.

If you’re rocking a unibrow, you’d fit right in with the people of the small Asian nation called Tajikistan. And thin brows have never been preferred in Mexico. When it comes to bodies, The Egyptians love a nice six packs on their men. We’ll show you the picture from a study that will shock you!

Petite frames aren’t the norm in Sudan, and the women are taking an illegal pill just to get more curves. And unscarred skin is definitely not acceptable in the Karo tribe of Ethiopia. If you’d like to hear even more about what people find unattractive in different parts of the world, make sure to watch our video. let us know in the comments which of these beauty standards shocked you the most!

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