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Ford Doe Triple D in action & 4 furrow ploughs! amazing tractor( Pure SOUND ) Farming

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Published on 09 Jul 2019 / In Entertainment

During the 1950s farmers in the United Kingdom in need of high-power tractors had few options. Essex farmer George Pryor developed an ingenious solution to the problem by creating his own tractor. He did this by purchasing two Fordson tractors, removing the front wheels and axles and linking the two by means of a turntable which provided the steering action powered by hydraulic rams. This left him with a double-engined four-wheel—drive tractor capable of producing more power and outperforming any of the conventional tractors on the UK market at the time.

Commercial production
Local Fordson dealers Ernest Doe & Sons agreed to build an improved version, the first one was completed in 1958 and called the Doe Dual Power, later changed to Doe Dual Drive and abbreviated to Triple-D.
The first Doe Triple-D used two Fordson Power Major units producing 100 hp (70 kW), the later Triple-D 130 used two Ford 5000 tractors increasing the power output to over 130 hp (97 kW) and the Triple-D 150 was based on Ford Force 5000 tractors producing 150 hp (112 kW).The vast majority of Triple-Ds were sold in the UK, but a number were exported to the United States and elsewhere.

End of production
By the late 1960s several companies had developed single-engined tractors capable of producing over 100 hp (70 kW), this competition put the Doe out of production after over 300 had been built.

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