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Client Testimonial - Healing Your Body

Dr. Natalie Horine
Published on 24 Sep 2019 / In People & Blogs

????????Just a few visits in and Rachel has already been able to engage in go-carting and work all day without pain or her hip feeling like it needs to “pop” out!

And she found us AFTER previously having a year’s worth of “typical” Chiropractic Care adjusting the same hip over and over.

Neurologically-based Chiropractic adjustments are different. No popping, twisting or cracking involved with our technique. ????

How?! ????
As neurologically based Chiropractors, we focus on correcting the source of your problems. The subluxation-the location throughout your spine that isn’t allowing your nerves to properly communicate to the rest of your body.
—These nerves throughout your spine, communicate with EVERYTHING throughout your body-from your muscles moving your bones to your organs (inside) providing function.

We focus on ensuring you are functioning well so yes, you can feel well too! ????????????

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