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Top 10 Times We Could Have Easily Stopped Hitler (But Didn't) — TopTenzNet

Deen Doughouz
Published on 04 Oct 2017 / In How-to & Style

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http://bit.ly/1PZ7FJd If one were able to stop Hitler and his rise to power, millions of lives could have been saved and just about all of World War II could have been prevented. There were multiple incidents throughout Hitler’s life that could have ended his reign, oftentimes before it even started, but Hitler’s unpredictability, paranoia, and plain old dumb luck allowed him to live and stay in power until he took his own life on April 30, 1945.

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10. June 30, 1934: Night of Long Knives
9. November 8, 1939: Johann Georg Elser’s Bomb in the Bürgerbräukeller
8. March 13, 1943: Bomb in the Plane
7. March 21, 1943: Bomb in the Museum
6. 1929: Sportpalast Bomb
5. 1921: Hitler is Asked to Spy on Proto-Nazis
4. July 20, 1944: Operation Valkyrie
3. November 16, 1943: Exploding Pants
2. September 28, 1918: British Private Almost Shoots Hitler
1. September 14, 1938: Chamberlain’s Appeasement Stopped a Coup Against Hitler

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