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4K ???? Relaxing Sound of Nature Rain Bubbles+ Singing Birds Sleep Relax Meditation

Audrey IU
Published on 16 Apr 2019 / In Other

How to figure out if you need to relax more? Is there any simple answer? How do you stay relaxed and focused?? ☺️

You must know that each of us has a natural ability to cope with stress. Some of us and can cope with stress all the time - almost without feeling, others need little help. I am one of them - I need help. The problem is that those who believe that they can withstand stress do not actually realize that stress touches them.

The most important advantage that comes to my mind is that when you are relaxed, your thoughts are quieter and if you have a problem to solve, you can find easier a solution.

Nature has a powerful effect on us. If we are stress, the majestic green color can help us to relax. If we are tense the sounds mother nature make help us to escape from our mental prison.

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