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Real Plane Crash - EP1 False Runway (GTA 5)

Published on 07 Aug 2018 / In Film & Animation

Flight LS-MF-1281 that took off from Los Santos Airport at 11 AM for Sandy Sores Airport crashed at Los Santos Highway after just 10 minutes of take off.
The plane had smoke blazing from left engine and flew low for almost 2 minutes before it crashed killing all 20 on board plus 1 on the road. The pilot decided for emergency landing on a busy highway where it struck an incoming black SUV driven by Sam Wilson.
LSPD, Ambulance and Fire Fighters were immediately on the sight after the crash. The cause of the crash has not yet been finalized but according to LS Air Traffic Control, Pilot mentioned about a bird hit and requested for a 360 turnaround. While making such steep turn, the plane may have been hit by series of turbulence before finally crashing down. This is a first air crash on a highway at LS and the outcome could have been much more deadlier had the plane crashed on nearby residential areas.

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